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About me...

When I paint it’s like the rest of the world stops and all I can think, see and do is paint what caught my eye. I want people to feel that way when they look at my paintings, as if they are transported to that moment, that place and that feeling. 


I grew up on a ranch in North Dakota, which still serves as an inspiration to my work today. When I was 10 my family relocated to Ellensburg, WA. While North Dakota will always feel like home in my heart, Ellensburg has brought me my husband and started my journey in the art world. My story in art starts with one amazing teacher Ms. Johnson at Kittitas High School. Ms. Johnson encouraged and fostered a love for creating that I still carry today. I attended Central Washington University and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. 


I want my art to fill peoples homes, be used to send a loving note to a friend, be a gift to a newly married couple on their wedding day, and so much more.

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